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Monika Collection

A Brand Dedicatedly Working Towards Designing Trendy, Edgy and Quality Scarvesstoles, Ponchos, kimonos and other Accessories. We provide a wide Range from solids to printed to textured ready to be picked and mingle with all your occasions. Style up your dresses with our distinctive designs to always be edgy and trendy.

In the last 5 years, we have grown extensively and are currently selling to wholesalers in 148 cities covering 20 states. The wholesalers ensure our brand presence throughout their respective states. We have a strong research team that analyses customer trends, likes and dislikes to put down a beautiful collection in front of them. Our team's dedication to bring something new in every season has helped garner the exponential growth. We aim to reinvent while upholding the highest standards in the industry.


Our Values & Principles

Our decisions are guided by our core values. We shall abide by them in all circumstances

Excellence - to provide our customers with the best accessories

Integrity - to be honest and uphold our commitment with all our stakeholders

Innovation - to be proactive in the market and develop unique designs for our customers

Speed - to be fast in our processes in this trend-changer industry

Scale - to think big and perform big